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Genki: To feel good, energetic or lively

In Japanese, the word Genki means to feel good, well, energetic or lively. This is the feeling that matcha provides once consumed without the coffee jitters.

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Our matcha is harvested and handpicked from the fields of Nishio, Japan, the leading producer of matcha green tea powder. It is derived from 100% pure green tea leaves that are closely inspected for quality.  Genki Matcha is non-gmo, preservative-free, radiation-free and naturally gluten-free.
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Genki Matcha embraces new, curious and veteran matcha drinkers. We are here to hold your hand, educate and guide you as you explore the world of matcha. Genki Matcha is dedicated to delivering premium matcha and high quality accessories. Genki Matcha’s mission is to spread matcha awareness and to help you supplement a healthy life.