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Genki Matcha provided a velvety, slightly umami cup of tea that was mellow without bitterness or astringency. All in all, an utterly delicious cup of matcha.

Ricki Heller, PhD, RHN

I sampled this tea for the first time at the convention and the taste was outstanding. Genki Matcha is perfect for green tea smoothies and lattes.


This is the best matcha that I've come across in the states and I'm orginally from Japan!

Mayumi M.

This matcha is great! I use it in so many recipes. This is by far the best matcha I have ever had! I definitely recommend it!

Kalila P.

I have enjoyed drinking Genki Matcha very much over the last month. It has provided consistent, long lasting energy without the crash that I used to receive from coffee. 

Emily C.

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